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  • We are family owned and operated in Punta Gorda. 
  • We are small and believe this allows us to go that extra mile. We focus more on you and provide great service with  very reasonable pricing. 
  • We are professional and do the job right. 
  • We are licensed and insured in everything that we do.   
  • We don't give excuses.  We communicate and give results.
  • See our reviews on Google and Nextdoor!

Let us help get it clean so you can enjoy today

  • We use commercial truck mounted equipment along with the correct chemicals for the job.  
  • We include surfactants (not dish washing liquid that shouldn't be mixed with bleach) that others don't include or charge you extra for. Surfactants gently penetrate the surface pores without having to use excess bleach or extreme high pressure which can cause damage.    
  • We use less bleach so there is no harm to your plants and bushes.
  • We get your home, driveway and sidewalks clean and looking great again!

We treat our customers right

Pressure washing is not fun.  Save yourself time, your back and wet clothes.  We know that good reliable help is hard to find.  We hear over and over again how contractors didn't show up  and don't return phone calls.  Give us a try.  You'll be glad you did.  

Some of our prices are less than the cost to rent a machine and the cost of supplies.  Your time is worth money too.  Sit back and have the work done for you without burning a hole in your pocket.  We cater to vets, seniors and people on a budget.  We'll work with you to get the job done for you.

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We are here for you.  Save money by comparing us with your existing service.  You might be pleasantly surprised!  

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